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Buy Smart from the Start!

We research, we shop, we help you find the best value possible!

ABSCommunity First's FREE Auto Buying Service makes car buying easy. Let our experts do the work to make your next auto purchase trouble-free and convenient.  Whether you're looking for a new or used vehicle, I'll do the research and find the car you've always wanted for the best value.

Marty Thurber - Member Auto Advisor

The Process is Simple!

  • Tell us what type of vehicle you're looking to purchase
  • We'll pre-approve you and explain your financing options
  • We'll search for the best value for your needs and budget
  • We'll make an appointment for you to test drive the vehicle
  • Finally, we'll have the loan paperwork ready for closing when you choose to make the vehicle your own!

Start your Search Today. It's EASY!

  • Complete our online form below
  • Call 920-830-7200 or 1-866-273-2328
  • E-mail:
    *Community First Credit Union's Auto Buying Service does not Sell vehicles. This service researches and helps you find the best value possible.