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Buy a home with only 3% down payment!

At Community First, you can buy your first home with only 3% down. And with a fast prequalification, your offer to purchase will look more credible. Soon you'll be able to paint the walls any color you like.
We'll help with a streamlined, easy approach to get you the best home loan possible. We want to get you into your first home, easily, with low closing costs and great low loan rates, because when you bank at Community First, you own Community First, so the profits come back to you.

  • Incredibly low loan rates
  • Low closing costs
  • Fast prequalification
  • Local decision making

Let's get started with a fast prequalification on your home loan and buying your first home with only 3% down.

*Lowest Annual Percentage Rate = 3.717%. Lowest Note Rate = 2.99% on a 7-year Adjustable Rate Mortgage. Example: Purchase price $125,000.00 with 3% down, loan amount of $121,250.00 at 2.99% note rate, monthly payments of $510.54 for first 84 months. Rate may increase to 3.625% note rate at fi rst rate change. Maximum rate ever is 8.99%. In this payment example payment would be $872.19. Payment example does not include taxes, insurance, or private mortgage insurance. Checking with auto pay and direct deposit for best rate.