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Reward Yourself With Cash!

  • Cash rewards can be issued either as a credit to your credit card or to any deposit account at Community First
  • Cash rewards require a minimum of 5,000 points to redeem
  • To redeem points for cash rewards, call Community First at 920-830-7200 or 866-273-2328, or visit one of our convenient locations to complete a redemption form
When you use your Great Rewards Card, not only do you get a low interest rate on your balance, you also earn one point for every dollar you spend with NO limit on the points you can earn each year. 

Reward Rules

  • Points are earned on net purchases, excluding cash advances, balance transfers and convenience checks.  
  • Earn 1 Point for every $1 spent (Net Purchases) 
  • No annual cap on points earned 
  • Points expire after 5 years 

Cash Rewards Point Values

Cash RewardPoints Earned

Service Charge Options

Community First FeeValuePoints Earned
Overdraft Fee$255,000
Stop Payment$255,000
ACH Return$255,000
Overdraft Transfer$122,400
Returned Check$122,400
Domestic Incoming Wire Transfer$102,000
Domestic Outgoing Wire Transfer$204,000
International Wire Transfer$10015,000

Account Service FeesValuePoints Earned
Affordable Money Market$153,000
Ultimate Money Market$153,000
Member's Choice$255,000
Community First Checks$132,600
Safe Deposit Fees$20 - $704,000 - 15,000