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Payroll Deduction

Make Saving Easier!

Payroll Deduction services ensure your money goes where you need it. If your employer offers Payroll Deduction through Community First, you may designate a portion of your paycheck to be sent automatically to your Community First account(s). Payroll Deduction is the convenient, painless and dependable way to watch your savings grow or to make your loan balances shrink!

Use payroll deduction to:

  • Make deposits to a Community First savings, checking, Holiday or IRA account each payday
  • Make loan payments automatically, no more forgetting to make your payment by its due date
  • Build a financial cushion, pay yourself first to create good savings habits
  • Qualify for Direct Benefit Checking a special checking package that combines flexibility and dividend earning power with a great selection of other services
Community First Credit Union currently provides Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction services to hundreds of companies. Check with your employer, or contact us to start using this convenient, time saving service.