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Welcome to BillPayer!

Community First's BillPayer service makes paying and managing your bills a breeze! 

  • Due-date bill payment keeps your money in your account until the day the bill is paid.
  • A dynamic calendar helps you choose the date you want the bill to be paid.
  • Bill reminders help you remember when a bill is coming due to avoid late fees or rush payments.
  • Have electronic versions of your bills delivered in BillPayer with E-Bills: see your amount due, due date, and other bill details, and schedule your payment all in one secure site!
  • Rush Payments. Choose same day or next day payments to avoid late fees and protect your credit rating.
  • PopMoney. Send money to family and friends electronically. It's as easy as sending a text or email!

BillPayer is FREE each month you pay a bill. 
For those months when you don't pay a bill, it's just $4.95. Additional fees apply for the times when you use Rush Payments or PopMoney.

Start using BillPayer Today: you'll wonder what you ever did without it! 
  • Already a PC Online Banking User?  Log in and click on BillPayer to enroll online anytime.  You can start paying bills right away!
  • Not a PC Online Banking User yet?  Visit any Community First to sign up. You can enroll in BillPayer the first time you log in. 

Have Questions?  Call us at (920) 830-7200 [toll-free 1-866-273-2328] or visit any branch, we're glad to help!