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Fraud Alerts

Protect your financial information by being aware of these current scams and security threats.

NEW - April 6, 2017 - TELEPHONE SCAM

Members have reported receiving phone calls that contain a recorded message offering a lower interest rate on their credit card and prompting them to press 1 to accept the offer and 2 to avoid the offer.  Either response transfers the call to person who fraudulently represents themselves as being from Community First and attempts to gain information.  The caller ID for the calls displays "Com1st Credit" or some similar variation, and appears to be from a local number that is a Community First phone number - although the call is NOT originating from Community First.

If you receive a call like this hang up! Do not share personal information unless you initiate a contact.

If you have given out personal information by mistake, please contact CFCU:

During business hours: 
     o    920-830-7200 in the Fox Cities; toll free 1-866-273-2328 
     o    Monday - Friday 7 am - 6 pm and Saturday 7 am - 1 pm

After business hours, call 1-866-820-5874 for assistance with your credit card account.